coaching in my studio or via video call!
Mr Gulickx (en), Studio Maarten

For managers, executives and CEOs in need of

  • a high level independent sparringpartner
  • insight how to better cope with work pressure
  • insight how to better cope with resistance within the organization
  • better communication skills for difficult and stressful situations.

"Maarten Gulickx has made a significant impact on the success of my company within the entertainment sector. As a coach Maarten has added enormous value in terms of both my own personal growth and the success of my business."

Arvid Silos, founder and owner ABOSS

The Ideal partner

Managers, executives and CEOs must perform at increasingly high level every day, competition is fierce. The independent position of a business coach makes him the ideal partner to communicate freely. Within this confidential relationship learn how to better cope with work pressure or resistance within the organization, show more assertiveness or garner more respect. The autonomy of a business coach offers the distance and perspective you need to unravel the complex issues in your life. A business coach can be as unbiased sparring partner offing insight and perspective in difficult situations, providing structure and transforming negative dynamics to positive ones.


  • The duration of a session is between 60-75 minutes
  • The session rate is €200,- ex vat.
  • A scheduled coaching session can be canceled or postponed until at least 2 working days in advance. Then the session will be charged.
  • The location for the sessions is the Mr. Gulickx studio in Amsterdam West.
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