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The main reasons for conflicts between business owners

  • One person puts in more hours...and blames the other for not doing the same.
  • Life happens. Kids, mortgage, responsibilities. It’s not just you and the business anymore.
  • The continious stress of cashflow/money issues.
  • Growing pains. As the company grows, your roles and responsiblities can change. That’s not the easiest transition.
  • The powerstruggle. I deserve more money/status/credits/exposure/etc than you.

This can lead to: tension, frustration, anger, sadness, powerlessness. And then to....

  • A dysfuntional relationship between owners.
  • Exodus of your best staff.
  • Conflicts with stakeholders.
  • Forced departure of one of the owners.
  • And maybe even the liquidation of your company.

The good news... There is a way to go from toxic to constructive.


Quickscan of the past, present and future in the field of personal ambition and vision and the ambition and vision for the company.


Quickscan of the way of communicating between the owners and the way of communicating within the company.


Insights, tips, training & tools on how to improve the communication Via methodologies such as Transactional Analysis and Nonviolent Communication a.o.


clarity and overview making it possible to make choices to change the situation.


rapport & recommandation for the next steps


After finishing this pressure cooker you

  1. Have clarity on the choices you face.
  2. Know how you can move forward.
  3. have the communication methodologies and tools to put into practice during this process.

“An analytical coach who helps you reach your goal with clear tools. Maarten knows precisely when empathy and warmth is needed and when it is nescessary to be more strict and direct. "

Anonymous, coaching trajectory with two founders of a company.


  • We start with a no-obligation-intake, free of charge.
  • On average 5 to 6 sessions are needed
  • You can choose multiple sessions in 1 day or spread over a period.
  • A scheduled coaching session can be canceled or postponed until at least 2 working days in advance. Then the session will be charged.
  • The session rate is €150,- ex vat for two persons and €200,- ex vat for three or more persons
  • The location for the sessions is the Mr. Gulickx studio in Amsterdam West.
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