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Mr Gulickx (en), Studio Maarten

Are you looking for a coach for the young professionals within your company?

My trajectories help young professionals to find direction in their search for personal and professional growth and development. This ensures that you as a company have a better view of how your employees can use their talents and values to grow themselves and the company.

Why the focus on young professionals?

  • More than 70 % of employees worldwide have feelings of restlessness and frustration about their work situation
  • As a result they don't stay long with the same company
  • They do not necessarily want to change jobs, but lack the tools to explore the possibilities inside and outside their current job.

There are many coaching topics. Below a selection of the most common


Do you want to have clarity on what your values, talents and conditions are and how to act on them in a fulfilling way?


Do you want to learn ways to communicate in a difficult situations? Via insights, tips, training & tools we work on how to improve your communication skills

Difficult emotions and thoughts

Learn how to deal with the difficult thoughts and emotions that are holding you back in your life.

I have worked with (a.o.)

benefits of coaching for employees

  • More involvement with the company.
  • Less turnover in employees, as a result of which the expertise and experience of the company also fluctuates less.
  • Less absence due to sickness. coaching can play an important role in reducing stress complaints.
  • it helps to preserve the corporate culture, often originated organically, when the company grows

"A very nice, pleasant trajectory that offers the right insights and is very effective." Maarten clearly shows that he understands you well and offers practical tools to deal with the problem and to come to a solution that is clear and feels good. "

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