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Careercoaching in Amsterdam

Is one of the points below recognizable?

  • I want change. But I do not know what kind of change, I do not know where to look and I do not know how to start.
  • I do not necessarily want to leave, but how can I get more satisfaction and pleasure from my job?
  • My job creates so much stress and pressure. I do not know what to do.
  • The job is ok but it is not my dream job. Do I need to take action?
  • I want something else, but the financial security of my current job is not something I want to give up.
  • I’m a jobseeker but don’t know where to begin

"A very nice, pleasant coaching trajectory that offers the right insights and is very effective." Maarten clearly shows that he understands you well. He offers practical tools to deal with your situation and offers a safe environment to come to a solution that is not only clear but also feels good. "


Does your current work situation not give you the desired satisfaction and would you like to change the situation or your approach towards your work but don't know how?
If that's the case career coaching might be something for you.
Based on your goals, we explore your values, dreams talents and conditions during a 4 session trajectory, making sure you can move forward again.
And maybe it's good to know, you're not the only one.

More than 70 % of employees worldwide have feelings of restlessness and frustration about their work situation

The Trajectory

Do what you're good at and what makes you happy.

What is you core reason for doing what you do? What talents do you have? What are your ambitions, and where you want to grow? I can help you with achieve better results, feel more connected and understand yourself better.

Through discussions, practical exercises and home assignments, you and I look for answers to these questions. With this understanding, you can then make informed choices about your work situation. A clearer picture of your ideal combination of values, talents, dreams and conditions form the basis of a practical action plan with achievable steps.


Through exercises, conversations and home assignments we get clear what your values, talents and conditions are. And how you can interpret them.


This is the foundation for your own personal research in which we look at 3 options: Can you change the current situation? Can you accept the current situation? What are the possibilities if you are looking for another job?


With the insights that emerge from this, you can then make conscious choices with regard to your work situation. Whether that is within your current work, or in a different environment.


  • The investment for individuals for a 4 session careercoaching trajectory is €580,- (€145 per session).
  • The no-obligation-intake is free of charge.
  • Many companies and organizations are recognizing the value of coaching for personal development. In that case, there is often a training budget available.
  • A scheduled coaching session can be canceled or postponed until at least 2 working days in advance. Then the session will be charged.
  • The location for the sessions is the Mr. Gulickx studio in Amsterdam West.
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