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Coaching is an investment in yourself.

Like much in life, the more time and energy you put into it, the more you get out of our work.

This coupled with our in-depth sessions and practical exercises together, you will also receive individualized assignments to take back into your real life. All developed to help move you closer to your goals.

"Maarten is a really sincere and approachable person and his knowledge and skillset are inspiring. His coaching sessions have really helped my decision making, goal setting and most importantly to stay true to myself and my own values. He has been a great support to me throughout this coaching period and I will carry the learnings with me through the next stages of my career and personal life."

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What is the cost for a coaching trajectory?

We start with a no obligations, free-of-charge intake. Then the coaching trajectory begins. On average 4 to 5 sessions are needed. For individuals the session rate is € 145. When you buy 4 sessions in 1 time you do not pay € 580, but € 560, -. This does not apply to career coaching.

The session rate for entrepreneurs is €125,- ex vat for a 1 on 1 session. The session rate for 2 or more persons is €150,- ex vat.

For companies different rates apply. Ask here for a made to measure quote.


The gift of personal development is like no other. Choose a trajectory, session or discount via the Mr. Gulickx Gift Voucher.

Fees, expenses and grants for coaching

  • Employees in many cases can reimburse through their employer. Often this is included in the relevant collective agreement.
  • Many companies and organizations are recognizing the value of coaching for personal development. In that case, there is often a training budget available.
  • The cost of coaching are often tax deductible, tuition and educational expenses by mail. Visit the Tax Office website (in Dutch) for more information.
  • Do you have a unemployment insurance, chances are that a coaching program will be reimbursed. For more information, contact your insurance company.
  • Coaching for freelancers, entrepreneurs and companies can be declared as operating with the tax authorities.
  • Individuals, organizations or institutions working in the cultural sector are sometimes eligible for a subsidy of their coaching. Maarten works with Culture + Enterprise, Social Performing Arts Fund (SFPK) and the Brabant Kenniscentrum Kunst Cultuur (BKKC). Ask us about the possibilities.

Conditions for coaching

  • Please pay within 14 days after the invoice date.
  • Rates for coaching are indexed annually.
  • A scheduled coaching session can be canceled or postponed until at least 2 working days in advance. Then the call will be charged.
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