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Mr Gulickx (en), Werkwijze Coach Amsterdam

For whom?

I am here for anyone who wants to move forward, with a specialization in:

  • People with career oriented questions
  • Entrepreneurs and executives
  • organizations who want to facilitate growth and development for their teams.
  • Individuals who want to learn how to deal with difficult feelings and emotions.
  • People working in the creative industries.

Why would you choose coaching with me?

Do you want to learn to deal with uncertainty, anxiety, or how to better cope with stressful situations? Are you looking for insight, perspective and structure on a personal level or for optimal business and financial results? My coaching can help you get where you need to be.

Coaching facilitates amongst others:

  • knowing how to get the best out of yourself.
  • learning how to deal with difficult feelings and emotions
  • Learning to trust your own feelings and reduce dependency of others.
  • Help you to better define your boundaries and help you act more assertively.
  • Offer insight into the next step in your career path, based on your talents, values and dreams.
  • Apply more clarity and structure in your personal or professional situation.
  • More targeted approach to reach your goals, offering perspective and a practical plan of action.

"Maarten did not give me what I asked for, it was better. Together we came up with real essence of my inner quest. The sessions were no longer about what practical steps I could take to reach my goal, but there was room to go to the core so that I could explore what drives and thrives me. What do I find important about how I work and live? With that, I became aware of old patterns and ballast and how to deal with it. Now there is room for a sharp ambition and vision of the future. Surprisingly, after these sessions I can really move forward. "

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