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Development and perspective are at the core of coaching

Affect change through clarity, structure and inspiration


underlying patterns, causes and blockages that undermine your success are often figure-out-able

We always look at what approach is best for you.


This too shall pass

The double meaning of this phrase always touches me deeply and is part of my way of coaching. It is about the difficult moments in life, but also about life itself


Your needs are central to our work

Through conscious choices and specific actions, you can reach your goal


Feelings of anxiety and fear are part of life

Not fighting it or getting tangled up in thoughts about it helps to cope with difficult situations

Mr Gulickx (en), Fears
illustratie: Alex Noriega

Confidence is the key to succes

Trust in yourself, our shared purpose and your passion


Coaching is a major investment

If another coach can help you better, then I will refer you. Your goal is the focus.


It's an investment in yourself

The more you put into it, the more you get out


My coaching style is a blend of empathy and pragmatism

Working towards your positive outcome is what inspires me


Coaching also adds value to my life, it makes me happy

Therefore, I prefer to go the extra mile than to come up short


The world is made a bit more beautiful

Coaching improves your quality of life and creates a domino effec