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Hi, I'm Maarten

Coach in Amsterdam and the man behind Mr. Gulickx.
It is my pleasure and personal mission to facilitate people finding clarity and structure so they can move forward, both as an individuals and organizations.

Why? The answer is simple.
It's great to see people blossom

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Mr Gulickx (en), Paulkoek

Maarten remained a calm listener and above all gave clear and positive feedback. That meant that I could separate myself and was able to calmly build a new interpretation

Paul Koek, artistic director Veenfabriek coaching for the creative industries
Mr Gulickx (en), 2017 01 06 Photo 00000104

Maarten helps me go after my dreams. I've learned to look my fears and doubts straight in the eye instead of suppressing it. This proces helps me to think and dream big via my own positivity. 

Priscilla Vaudelle, founder Lost Project foundation personal coaching

Because Maarten listens well, is honest and does not judge, I could discuss my fears and thoughts without shame. He asked the right questions and gave me perspective. He showed me how tension in the body works and made my 'problem' concrete

Anonymus personal coaching
Mr Gulickx (en), Madeleine

Maarten coaches with sincere attention, humor and incisive questions. Together we discussed my goals and how to achieve them. We tackled my (unconscious) pitfalls and highlighted my talents

Madeleine Sars, photographer business coaching
Mr Gulickx (en), Brian Kemble

The training re-introduced me to my inner motives. I am moving forward with this new found energy 

Brian Kemble trainingsprogramme "it comes from within"
Mr Gulickx (en), Ts

Maarten has the special combination of emphatic ability with very pragmatic attitude. Through it he communicates in a pleasant, clear, proactive and reliable manner

Thomas Spijkerman, general director Circus Treurdier personal coaching
Mr Gulickx (en), Valerie Granberg 500X436

Maarten helps me to create clarity and to make choices. He is a good listener and his methods give insight into my priorities and into what is necessary to reach my goals. 

Valerie Granberg, visueel kunstenaar coaching voor de creatieve industrie
Mr Gulickx (en), Pete Philter 640X450

Mr. Gulickx has the ability to transform my brainwaves into a effective and efficient road map. Crucial!

Pete Philly, recording artist persoonlijke coaching
Mr Gulickx (en), Elmer2

Maarten is sharp and original. With him you always have valuable interactions. He has become indispensable for us since we began working with him. He helped us to keep our focus and goals, and to keep taking steps forward

Elmer Oomkens, co-owner White Label Coffee business coaching
Mr Gulickx (en), Arvid

Maarten Gulickx has had a distinct impact on the success of my business. As a consultant Maarten has had an enormous added value for my growth and success. Both personal and commercially. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Arvid Silos, owner ABOSS business and personal coaching
Mr Gulickx (en), Samuel Dunkel

Maarten helped me to stay on track with my planning, acquisition and implementing new working methods via our regular skype sessions. Thanks to Maarten I force myself to become better.

Samuel Dunkel, owner Dunkel Design Business coaching via skype
Mr Gulickx (en), Suze Van Miltenburg

There is room for reflection and analysis during the training. The tools that were given to me gave me clarity on my feelings and made me aware how to deal with situations and stimulants. 

Suze van Miltenburg training "it comes from within"


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